During Covid lockdown, Joe put together a collection of escapist music for Música Macondo. Read what he had to say about it, and listen to the mix below:


“This mix was a really fun one to put together. Living out a dream of curating film music, a big portion of its two hours are spent diving into the cinematic. We start submerged in jazz and fusion, before meandering through organ-heavy psychedelia, ample shredding and the more alien experiments of Tropicália and its progenies. There’s plenty lighter moments of MPB and incidences of intimate violão playing. But these moments are wrapped up between the ample fuzz, screeching and babbling of which a huge portion of Brazil’s most enigmatic, eerily beautiful music consists.

This mix travels from the 1960s to contemporary electronica. This is escapist music, and yet it is also music that might lead you deep into your own psychological Atlantis. Hopefully, then, it acts as a perfect respite or, indeed, counterpart to the Covid incarceration and ensuing insanity… 

I hope everyone is keeping safe, your loved ones are taking care, and you’re all pursuing fun isolation-projects. This mix has been a great accompaniment to my other isolation pastimes: learning to juggle with oranges, watching The Tiger King and drinking tea…Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the mix!”