NT's - Dalston, London - 27.03.20

After a packed-out dance with our brother Tim Garcia, we're returning for our second resident COISA shubs this March alongside JOSH TAUTZ and KORALEK of the ground-breaking Far Out Recordings. The incomparable influence the Far Out label cannot be stressed enough: they have released music from Brazilian legends such as Azymuth, Arthur Verocai Official, Banda Black Rio, Joyce Moreno and Marcos Valle, as well as, the revered 'Macumba Quebrada' album from their in-house producer, Daniel Maunick which received huge attention late last year.

Besides bringing obscure masterpieces to crate-diggers worldwide through their reissues, the label also has gifted the world with an unmatched swathe of world-beating Brazilian dance music, frequently teaming up with the likes of Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman Unirhythm, Nicola Conte, Henry Wu and 4hero among others on masterful tracks that are played out across the globe.

We are very excited to be hosting their two most prolific party-starters for COISA #2. And we will be playing alongside them, showcasing the killers and floor-fillers from Brazil.

Brazilian Wax - far out - Banner .jpg

Below are Josh and Koralek's 'Coisas', a selection of ten tracks that encapsulate his love for Brazilian music.

"Last year at Far Out one of our highlights was reissuing two albums by the Brazilian singer/composer Ana Mazzotti. Both album's are worth checking out in their entirety (despite sharing many of the same songs) but the standout track has to be 'Agora Ou Nuncai Mais'. Warm, groovy samba-jazz which is helped by the inimitable stylings of Azymuth's Jose Roberto Bertrami (keys) and Alex Malheiros. Speaking of Azymuth we've included the full length version of 'Jazz Carnival', which adds an amazing, almost housey intro to their disco fusion masterpiece, which was already perfect at 9 minutes 39 seconds.


Josh and I have shared a monthly slot on Balamii Radio for a few years now. Though we tend to try and avoid playing the same track more than once, we can never get enough of Agnaldo Rayol's 'Sumauma' which has had several airplays from both of us. Most of Agnaldo's music is distinctly average, schmalzy easy listening, but this one's a real killer. 



There's a number of classics here from the UK jazzdance scene like Edson Machado's ‘Solo’, Joyce's 'Aldeia de Ogum', and Antonio Adolfo's 'Tranzamazonica' from his incredible Antonio Adolfo E A Brazuca album. And last on the list is a hugely underrated Far Out floor-filler, 'Keyzer' by Grupo Batuque, from the Africa Brazil album (2000), which was masterminded by arguably the two greatest ever drummers from Brazil, Ivan 'Mamão' Conti and Wilson Das Neves." - Josh Tautz & Koralek

Find more details about this event here.

True to their crate-digging reputation, not every track on Far Out's 'coisas' are on Spotify. Ivan Conti's Menca, and Agnaldo Rayol's Sumauma cannot be accessed through Spotify - but they can be found on YouTube!