Joe put together the heaviest and darkest mix we've put out mid-lockdown. This one's for everyone raging to get out on a dancefloor.

"On a basic level the theme for the mix is 'modern Brazilian electronic music' - many European DJs dabble in dance music from Brazil but often revert to more recognisably 'Brazilian' sounds (samba, funk, disco, MPB, house edits etc.), so I think it is really important that an incredible wealth of modern Brazilian dance music which is darker, angrier and more industrial is not overlooked.

I'm interested in how mixes can create a space and atmosphere to dwell in, which is why the mix's tone is initially set with some beatless, industrial musique-concrète-influenced tracks. After listening to '50s Brazilian avant-garde composer Jorge Antunes a lot, the contemporary musicians Cadu Tenório and Sentidor served as jumping off points for more atmospheric, non-dance electronic music.

Further along we get into heavier modern Brazilian techno which was initially introduced to me through Mamba Recs - particularly Teto Preto's 'Pedra Preta' album which was a kind of gateway drug for me. I cannot stress enough how much that album pulled me headlong into, what was for me, a totally new Brazil when it came out a few years ago.

A bit later on I wanted to add a few more sounds that are more recognisably Brazilian - the horn on Entropia-Entalpia's Chá de trombeta, the Dom Um Romão remix...

The mix ends with a suite of music off one of my favourite Brazilian labels: 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo. Everything they put out is technically masterful, very analogue-sounding and often incongruously sits somewhere between IDM and VGM.

The mix really encapsulates a lot of the things I want to play out but feel I often can't - we at Brazilian Wax aren't known for playing much 'darker' music. So it was such a joy to put it together and dwell on music that is angrier, more immediately visceral and moody."